Personal Brand and Studio Identity for Dr. Giordano Paderni

Thanks to the knowledge acquired on the musculoskeletal system,
Giordano Paderni provides its patients
with an overview of their state of health and traces the appropriate therapeutic path to improve it.

Giordano is 29 years old, graduated in Physiotherapy at the University of Modena and in Osteopathy at the University of  Verona. Today he works in its own studio but keep studying.

The goal is to design a graphic sign that identifies Giordano
as a professionist.
A signature that can match to his work over the years and through the various disciplines. That’s why I used the initials of his name:

G + P


The realized monogram has been placed as the basic module of a more complex ecosystem. Starting from the monogram, we have created a logo for the first studio opened by Giordano: Studio Paderni; and a pattern to complete the coordinated image.

I was also in charche of designing the user experience of




Cremeria Nazionale, Identity

This is an identity design project for a small business in the center of Modena, Italy. It is an ice cream parlor.
The final look of the logo had to be modern but artisanal.
The choice of the appropriate typeface was the phase that required more time.
I think that typography plays a fundamental role in the process of creating a coordinated image. This is the language that will be spoken by the Brand, the tone of the voice, its sound.


xbvx xvsdfbsd










Città di Novellara, identity + adv

Novellara is a small country town in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy.
To design the new identity, I started from 2 essential elements that have always been a symbol of the village: the first letter of its name, the “N”, and an architectural element that distinguishes its medieval center: the portico. The chosen colors were taken from the old heraldic coat of arms. The Logo Constitutes a module from which it is possible to decline the other logos for the various municipal institutions. The new coordinated image was applied to the campaign I designed for the municipality.








Farmacia Nuova, identity

The aim of the brief was to design a logo that would marry a new commercial direction halfway between the old concept of pharmacy and that of herbal medicine. To achieve this, I decided to keep the green cross as the main element of the brand but to rework the shape in order to make it closer to the natural world. The repeated form that forms the cross was obtained from the stylization of a leaf.







Vino Veritas, identity

The shop run by Simone and Fabio, two young and professional sommeliers, is a real point of reference for enthusiasts and experts who want to savor excellent wine products.
Located in a quiet and strategic area of the province of Reggio Emilia in the north of Italy, the cellar is the prototype of the relaxing environment you are looking for when it comes to high quality food and wine products.
The task that was entrusted to me was to redesign the store’s identity so that it could live up to an international e-commerce.